Adult Ministries

Sunday School | Sunday 10:00am

Senior Saints

This Sunday School class meets in the Church Office adjacent to the Nursery and this class is geared toward our senior citizens. God isn’t finished with you yet!

Home Builders | Young Married Couples

The Home Builders class is adjacent to the Main Auditorium, next to the Library. Our Home Builder’s Class uses God’s Word as a study guide to teach our modern families how to live, love and like the family they have. This class is a great way to make new friends and find out what God expects of us. We can never go wrong by following God’s unchanging instructions. We want to invite you to come study God’s Word, the Bible, with us this week.

Young Professionals | Ages 18-25 Single Adults

This is an exciting ministry for single adults ages 18-25 that meets in the school building at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. Here young adults learn pertinent Bible lessons to help them as they begin the next step of their lives.

Pastor’s Class

This class meets in the Main Auditorium. This class is geared to help Christians in their walk with God in whatever stage of life they are in.

Preaching Services | Sunday 11:00am and 6:00pm

You’re invited to join us every Sunday morning and evening, to our Bible based preaching services that are held in our Main Auditorium. We believe in having church services with encouraging hymns and spiritual songs that will stir and inspire you in your walk with God. Each preaching service is centered around a practical message that will uplift and challenge you from the Word of God.

Bible Study | Wednesday 7:00pm

A time of teaching that is Bible based that will help each Christian grow in their walk with the Lord,  Through this time of learning families are encouraged and better prepared to know God’s will and purpose for their lives.

Teen Ministries

Sunday School | 10:00am

Junior High Sunday School

Being a pre-teen is a tough time for most young people. This class takes the time to show these young people how to live like Christians and to build their faith upon the Truth of God’s Word. This class is designed for 6th-8th graders.

High School Sunday School

This class is a great time for teenagers to hear about what God’s Word says regarding their promising futures! Teachers invest their hearts into showing our young people the joy that comes from serving Jesus.

Bible Study | Wednesday 7:00pm

Each Wednesday night Bible service is designed to teach a different Bible lesson which will help your teen to grow as a Christian. They will enjoy good singing and fellowship while they learn more about God’s Word.

Teen Soul Winning | Wednesday 4:00pm

The teens meet on Wednesday evenings during the school year for our church teens to go out and canvas neighborhoods with adults to invite others to church and lead others to Christ.

Jubilee Ensemble | Sunday 5:00pm

This is an intermediate choir group designed to prepare your teen to enter the adult choir. Your teen will learn the fundamentals of reading music and timing. Each teen is assigned to harmonies. This choir sings with Grace Notes and on its own. Shekel shop is a great motivator!

Teen Activities

Mission Trips

Our teenagers just got back from an exciting mission trip to New Mexico! Every other year our teens have the opportunity to raise funds to be able to go on the bi-annual missions trip. These mission trips are very important as they will open your teen’s eyes to see the need of the gospel around the world.

Youth Group Activities

Check the church events calendar for exciting youth activities each month.

Children’s Ministries


Nursery is provided for all our services for ages 2 months to 4 years old.

Sunday School | Sunday 10:00am

K-5th Grade each have their unique Sunday School class geared to teach them at their level.

Children’s Church Services | Sunday 11:00am

Primary Pre-School Church

A Bible class for 3-5 yr old boys and girls. Your child will learn simple truths from the Bible and enjoy fun singing and coloring.

Primary Church

A Bible class for kindergarten boys and girls to help them transition to Children’s Church.

Children’s Church

Children’s church is designed to be an introduction to church services for boys and girls in 1st-3rd grade. Each service begins with children’s Bible songs, the Bible verse for the week, and concludes with a Bible story taught by a caring teacher. Games and prizes will help motivate your child to learn more about God’s Word.

Junior Church

This service is for 4th-5th grade boys and girls and is meant to help them with their exciting transition into the youth group.

King’s Kids | Wednesday 7:00pm

K-5th grade boys and girls are challenged with weekly lessons and awarded with ribbons for passing various levels along the way! Fun games and a different Bible story each week will help your child to grow in God’s Word.

Grace Notes Children’s Choir | Sunday 5:00pm

For ages K-5th grade, caring teachers instruct the fundamentals of choir singing, following the director, and introduction to harmony. Prizes are awarded with paper Shekels which can be used toward Shekel Shop! This is a great opportunity for your children to learn to sing for the Lord.

Ministerio en Español

Servicio en Español | Domingos 11:00am

Buscando una iglesia a donde asistir con toda tu familia? Iglesia Bautista Shasta es para usted. Te invitamos a que nos acompañe todos los Domingos. No somos solo otra iglesia bautista. Aqui te ayudaremos a crecer espiritualmente no solo individualmente sino con toda tu familia. Somos una iglesia que es amistosa y enfocada en restablecer el hogar y la iglesia de manera en que Dios lo planeo ser. Tenemos servicios para cada edad, desde 2 meses a adultos. Esperamos verle el Domingo en nuestro servicio a las 11:00am en el edificio escolar. Visitanos para ver lo que te estas perdiendo!